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2021 Sigma Beta of the Year

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The highest individual honor is the Sigma Beta of the Year crown and it is worn proudly.

Our nominee has been a woman who always wants to do for others. One day she was at a party and there were a few women talking about Sigma Beta Sorority, Inc. They asked her if she would be interested in joining.

Our giver has given her life to helping others. She has worked 44 years as a nurse and has been serving others ever since. She always looks after her family, neighbors, friends and especially her sorority sisters. She always calls to check in when someone is ill, needs to have medicine picked up, “Hey, I am going to the grocery store. Do you need anything?” This past year she personally aided her sorority sisters every time one of them was ill through calls, grocery shopping, picks up lunch to surprise them with a visit, has taken two sisters (one member who resigned as well as an active member) having cataract surgery and waited through the four-hour surgery to take them home. The next day taking them to the doctor's office for the 24-hour examination, and picking up their medicine. (both ladies had recently lost their husbands). On holidays, she takes flowers to four different cemeteries of deceased family and sorority members all over the countryside. No one goes without a visit during the holidays. She then calls the living members to let them know their loved one has not been forgotten if they were unable physically to visit. She shops for homeless individuals obtaining canned goods, paper products, clothing and toiletries and then takes the items to a facility every week. She does work for an individual and donates her salary to the chapter charity fund. (we call the fund “married name” Fund. Without her donation we would have very little funds to donate to the charity during the pandemic. (she actually has been doing this for several years.)

Our nominee makes notes when someone has a doctor’s appointment, and then calls them to see if they are alright and need anything. She packs meals for school children for the weekends every Tuesday during the school year. She does all of this even when she was having medical problems herself.

With only four members left in our chapter, our nominee served as chapter, President, Treasurer, (due to our Treasurer being ill) and completed the quarterly reports for Treasurer and Secretary for the past two years as well as organized all officers’ books and properties for the chapter when others were unable to do so.

Oh yes, did I mention she also delivered her own granddaughter in the bathroom when Mom went into labor; babysitting grandchildren and taking other grandchildren to doctors’ appointments 50 miles away because Mom and Dad had to work on numerous occasions.

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