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2023 Olive King Mauer Award

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20 verse 35. It is a powerful message conveyed in various ways throughout the Bible. It is a message that our chapter, just like every Sigma Beta Chapter, follows year after year.

Kicking off the year after returning home from convention, 4 members bundled up on a cold and very windy evening for Trunk or Treat Night sponsored by a local church. In 2 hours, we handed out candy at a cost of $50.00 to more than 400 ghosts, goblins, super heroes, and a variety of other costumes. Giving to bring happiness to lots of little ones. In November, with winter weather ahead of us our local Volunteer Center kicked off its annual Coats for Kids Campaign. Our chapter was happy to contribute $200.00 to this worthwhile program that provides over 6,000 coats to children in our area. Giving to bring warmth and security to our young people.

On December 4th , two of our members generously gave their time to the Down Syndrome Association’s annual holiday party. Feeling like Santa’s elves, a collective total of five hours was spent handing out gifts to each child after talking with Santa. Giving to bring smiles and laughter so families could enjoy a break from day-to-day issues. Of course winter brings with it the holiday season – one that is not always a happy and bright one for many families. Three of our members spent a total of ten hours shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts to Whitington Homes, a local agency that supports and stabilizes families in crisis. The gifts and gift cards totaling $416.69 went to a Mom and her four children, ranging from ages 11 to 16. Giving to bring happiness and joy to a family who otherwise may not have had a Merry Christmas.

Loneliness is something many elderly people experience when they find themselves calling a nursing facility “home” - - even though it will never feel like home to them. In February, 20 pairs of pajamas at a cost of $197.00 were purchased for our local Long Term Care Ombudsman PJ Project. The pajamas were tied with colorful ribbons and a message from our chapter. Six hours spent by our members to give warmth and caring to those dealing with the loss of their independence. February also found us back at Erin’s House, an agency

helping children deal with the grief of losing a loved one. Our members spent a collective five hours of time handing out slices of pizza and birthday cake to the more than 80 children and caregivers attending the evening as well as helping with preparations before the evening began and clean-up after. Giving time to bring a little laughter and fun to children working through the various stages and emotions of grief.

For the second year this past February, we were privileged to be part of a public packing event with Project 216 where prepackaged meals were assembled, boxed and prepared for shipping to people of Ukraine experiencing the pain and anguish of war. A mere five hours to help give nourishment and a message of caring to people suffering a dire and inconceivable situation.

Spring found us eager to purchase items for babies such as sleepers, diapers, wipes, and formula for the Baby’s Closet, a part of our local Associated Churches organization. These items are given to low-income families trying to better their lives and the lives of their children. Six hours and $166.30 was spent on baby necessities for those unable to afford them. Giving to bring hope to those struggling to live a way of life that many take for granted.

The morning of May 13th found 4 members lending a hand at our local Mail Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. A total of 7 hours spent to give food to our community’s neighbors whose tables are often lacking food -

- something that again many of us take for granted. In June, we were happy to send a donation of $100.00 to Matthew 25, an agency for low income, uninsured residents in the community so they may receive needed health

care. Giving so that medical treatment can be made available to individuals without insurance or financial means to pay for it.

And finally, in August a mere two hours and $99.00 was all that was needed for us to purchase school supplies and deliver them to our public school system’s clothing bank. Giving to insure that kids have the tools necessary to succeed in the coming school year.

Reflecting back over the year, we found that our chapter contributed a total of 55 hours and $1,228.99 in our effort to give to others. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. How true that it is. Just like all Sigma Beta chapters, past and present, our chapter feels blessed that no matter how large or how small our contribution might be, we can give hope, love, laughter, comfort and so much more to people around us.

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