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2023 Sigma Beta of the Year

We have chosen the most loyal, devoted, compassionate woman as our Sigma Beta of the year. Her loyalty reflects in her support for our chapter. She shows up for every meeting and social event with her suggestions, oversized fruit bowl or salad (whichever she is assigned) with a beautiful smile on her face. When we need her, we tell her when and where, and she will be there, sometimes rearranging her schedule to do so.

She is deeply devoted to her Sigma Beta sisters. She shows her commitment by making herself available to act in the absence of our president. It is not out of the ordinary to expect this from a vice president, but she is extraordinary in her professionalism, control of the meeting, knowledge, and confidence.

Her compassionate heart senses any kind of hardship, and her eyes show it. She finds families who are most in need of financial and emotional support, and she makes every effort to assist in any way she can. At one sorority event she invited our guest speaker, a woman who helps homeless moms and their babies. Another was a single mom of triplets. She is so sincere in her love and support for family and friends and strangers. She allows God to lead her, and she follows His will gracefully. Our nominee is just overwhelmed with humility and pride when Sigma Beta allows her to share the love by offering financial support to anyone in need.

Our SBOTY candidate is the chapters media reporter. Several of her Sigma Beta articles have been published in the local and county newspapers and online along with many, many other non-sorority reports. She enhances every detail to give honor to our beloved sorority and

she creates an impression. She has also served as our editor for two years and previously held our Corresponding Secretary position with the same perfect certainty.

Our candidate is an active participant in our fundraising activities. She knows sales. It was her idea to offer scarves as hostess gifts for a charity event. She ordered and elegantly wrapped the favors for each member who attended. The scarves were perfect and appreciated, but we intentionally overbought expecting to sell them. She pursued the sales endlessly by promoting the product to members of other organizations who she knew would purchase them. Every one of those scarves was sold. She is also the top seller of our Football Square fundraisers. Although she says she does not understand it, she sells it!

Our SBOTY is not only active with Sigma Beta Sorority, she is a board member of a foundation to promote and recognize excellence in teaching and learning, a board member of "Town Hall", a lecture series program, and a supporter and promoter of Tuesday Musicale, a club that presents the finest in professional concerts to the community. Until recently our hero facilitated "Caregivers Sessions" for One Step Stroke victims. COVID discontinued the service.

Our candidate has a wonderful sense of humor. She can tell a story with wit and timing that makes even the most somber person smile.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a friend and to have her as a member of our Chapter and we are grateful for her. We love her so much! We nominate her for National Sigma Beta of the Year.

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