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2022 Sigma Beta of the Year

Our Sigma Beta of the Year not only has the heart of a servant, she has seemingly boundless energy to facility it. She is consistently looking for ways to serve. Over the Years, she has sought out many opportunities for our Chapter to help either a person or an organization while also serving on a personal and community level.

On a personal level, two to three times a week, she drives her brother-in-law to dialysis 40 miles one way. She drives some distance to check in on her Mother once a week.

In addition, she volunteers one day a week at a pregnancy center that provides women with educational alternatives to abortion. When she learned they had a specific need for iPads, she presented that need to our chapter, and we were happy to provide the iPasts for them. She not only volunteers at the pregnancy center, she also volunteers at the sex trafficing center, her church and is active in the local Optimist Club. One of the tasks she performs 6 times a year for the Optimist Club is going into a neighborhood and putting flags in the yards for holidays.

Within our chapter, she is forever volunteering, whether it’s for hosting a large event for 50 plus people or helping one of our own senior members carry things from her car. Then there are those “in between” jobs such as opening her home to host a committee meeting or a monthly meeting at the last minute. When she hosts a monthly meeting, she makes us all feel so spherical with the food spread she offers. Usually, she has one or two homemade hor’s d’oeuvres, veggies, dip, fruit, crackers, cheese and two desserts. (She is an excellent cook.)

This year she was our Charity Chairman. She did an outstanding job of getting us the two dates we preferred for charity poker and scheduling workers for the four day events. In addition, she worked the events herself as much or more than other members, making herself available to fill in when someone else was unable to work. The result was a net of approximately $8000 for our chapter. She also suggested we sell football squares for the state’s college rivalry game and the Thanksgiving Day Game. We netted $100 from these two projects.

In a nutshell, we know she will always find ways to help, always do what she promises, and show up every time, on time with a positive attitude and her boundless energy. She is an exceptional person and exemplary Sigma Beta Member.

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